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Post Graduate Special Student – Sculpture. Columbia University, NYC
  BFA cum laude – Program in the Arts-Sculpture. Barnard College, Columbia University, NYC


Balatonfured, Hungary
  Stanford University, Buddhist Center - Palo Alto, CA
  Sculpture Meadow on the Hudson – Yonkers, NY
  Hotelkristina Conference Center – Sigtuna, Sweden
  Bank of Hiroshima - Wall Street, NY
  American Standards Executive Board Room – NYC
  Sekido Kiko Manufacturing Company - Nagoya, Japan
  Gravesite Sculptures – Central Cemetery, Patchogue, LI
  West 54th Street Corp Lobby - NYC
  Buitoni Company - NJ
  Dugan Advertising Agency - PA
  Schacter & Schacter, Esqs., - MI
  Psychotherapy Center and Cosmetic Surgery – Roxbury, MA
  Morrison & Morrison, Esqs. - NYC
Hungary, Japan, Italy, Sweden, New York City, New York State, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, California, and Canada.

professional organizations

  Organization of Independent Artists
  The Poverty Awareness Coalition
  Stone Sculpture Society of New York (one of the founding members, 1976-1986)


New York Times
Loveseats And Beds Shape A Meadow (August 4, 2002)
In Yonkers, Hope is Chiseled in Stone (August 13, 1995)
NYU CD Nexus Magazine
Susan Abraham Awarded NYU's Highest Administrative Honor and Named U.S. Representative to International Sculpture Symposium (Spring 2007)
Susan Abraham Presents Commissioned Sculpture to the Dalai Lama (Fall/Winter 2005)
30,000 Pounds of Marble and Limestone Later, Susan Abraham’s "River Bedroom" Adorns Yonkers Waterfront (Winter 2004)
  Celebrating Our Community (Summer 2002)
The Journal (Westchester) The Resident (Westchester) Nexus Magazine (2001) ArtSpeak

Sculpture by Susan Abraham : susan@sabraham-sculpture.com : 2010 : New York, NY