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Susan Abraham Sculpture

An evolving process of carved constructions, some functional, some simply objective, my sculpture and utilitarian objects in stone express a combination of classical technique and reverence for the material with a contemporary whimsy and psychological edge. Forms and surfaces reminiscent of taut skin, compressed folds of flesh, and natural elements in tension or release create a framework within which the viewer can relate and respond. Although traditionally trained in stone carving, from quarried block to fine polishing by hand through apprenticeships with Minoru Niizuma and Arturo diModica in the 1970s and working alongside numerous artigiani in Pietrasanta, Italy throughout the 1980s, my sculpture and functional objects respond to the past with a 21st century sensibility.

As a passionate believer and proponent of Sculpture Symposiums, I have been involved in a number of public sculpture projects, both domestically and on an international level, from 1975 through the present. From carving in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia under the auspices of the Museum Without Walls in the First International Stone Sculpture Symposium in 1975, to creating a wooden bench out of 3 trees in the Klakkbaken Forest in Sigtuna, Sweden in 2000, to carving a River Bedroom in marble and limestone alongside banks of the Hudson River for the City of Yonkers, NY in 2003, to carving a 6-ton block of black Monterrey marble in Nueva Leon, Mexico in 2007, and carving Croatian limestone at the 5th International Balatonfured Stone Sculpture Symposium in Hungary in 2008 – the opportunity and freedom to live and work onsite in the landscape with other sculptors, and interact with the public during the carving and finishing process from rough block to final sculpture – is a great gift for any sculptor to be given. And leaving the piece created for the site on the site, is a great gift for any sculptor to give back.

Sculpture by Susan Abraham : susan@sabraham-sculpture.com : 2010 : New York, NY